Virtual Tastings

Due to Covid-19 you may not be able to hang out as you would before the pandemic, although our virtual tastings allow you, and your guests to come together while still minimizing exposure to you and your loved ones. Virtual tastings are the best way to be social while social distancing. 

The Royal Wine Tasting

T​he mother of all wine tastings, You and your guests will receive the royal treatment as you enhance, engage, and elevate your palate with knowledge fit for royalty. Enhance your taste through a series of wines with common themes curated by the host and Private Sommelier. You’ll never look at a bottle of wine quite the same again.

The Cocktail PArty

Learn the cocktail, make the cocktail! Learn the art of cocktail mixing with friends. Exchange them, compare them, best of all you will love drinking them, Show off your skills behind the bar. This is the party everyone wants to attend because its the only party where you you get to do the mixing, drinking and mingling.

Beer Tasting

The finest craft beer direct to your boardroom, living room, or wherever your team is, as long as you can hold a glass in your hand Royal Vines will be there to pour the finest beer from some of the best local breweries. While enjoying your beer and learning about the art of brewing, you will wow your crew with a beer or two.​

The Wine Dinner

​We bring the vineyard to your dining table while creating a natural yet elegant vibe. Plan the meal you want to serve and we’ll pair wines based on your menu. We’ll even set the table and clean up after. Dinner should be this simple…   ​


Beverage Revenue is the best revenue stream, it has the highest potential for return on investment. That’s where we step in and help bring fresh new perspective to maximize profits without sacrificing service for your guest, with your bottom line in mind we’ll train your staff to maximize beverage sales.

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Events Big or Small Royal Vines is The Place To Call.  Bring The Tasting to You!